Is Branding Necessary
For A Startup ?

OZAP Creative Labs - June 29, 2018

What does branding truly do?

To answer these questions, here’s what we did to brand our startup along with a few additional things that you must do for your startup.

We realised it soon enough that BRANDING for startupsis absolutely necessary. Let’s tell you



We startups need it more than any other establishment as we don’t have any history.

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Some of the steps we undertook to BRAND our startup are:

1. Creating a Brand Identity (Name, Logo, Visiting Cards, Envelopes, Letter Heads and other marketing collaterals that work like mini touch points).

2. Building a WEBSITE that acts like a digital address forthe people to see you, get in touch with you and virtually judge and believe you. Like they say, “First Impression Is The Best Impression” (And you’ve got less than30seconds to grab their attention).

3. Registering on The first place that you should begin your work from. Go this site, register yourself and get recognised as a “STARTUP in INDIA” officially. According to the government, you do not automatically get a startup status just by starting a company. That’s why registration is necessary.

By getting this done, you geta lot of benefit from the government and receive subsidies on many costs.

A benefit we received was when we filed for a logo trademark, the cost would have been around INR 9500 + Tax. However, as a startup there was a 50% waive off, which helped us save a chunk of our money - EVERY PENNY COUNTS! There are also many other benefits that can be availed once you’re a registered startup.

4. Made our presence known in all the social media platforms and on some of the lesser known social media platforms.

5. Created short promotional videos that explained our range of services. We know nothing conveys better than a visual representation along with a CTA.

6. Took client feedback and testimonials – this helps the most as it helps build trust and also improve our products and services. Additionally, showcasing words of appreciation can go a long-way in bringing in new business.

What more can a Start-up do?

1. Write regular blog posts with relevant market information. This should provide value to your audience and should not just be used as another medium to make sales.

2. Give unique branded freebies that your clients can take away such as mobile stands, calendars, posters, pens and other stationery.Branding these gifts by your company’s identity helps in brand recall.

3. If you have the budget then you should use branding techniques that have been around since ages and will continue to do well in the future.Here, you could publish your article in newspapers, magazines, influential web pages and/or give TV interviews!

4. Take up the stage for free, visit workshops, trade shows and network with lot of people, give everyone your card and if feasible a gift that is unique.If you find any opportunity to talk, jump in and explain about your businessto the society and the problems it solves. [Free publicity is very profitable].

While there is no one solution that works for all, the steps mentioned above can definitely help you be known amongst your target customers.

Knowing is Half sold.

The rest is on the quality of your product and service.

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